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₽74 ₽74 Бесплатный возврат

Order 3 pieces, cut 150cmx160cm ( one meter and a half)
For size 50cmx160cm,the fabric width is 160cm, so when you order 2 pieces or more, We will cut a continuous piece.
Order 1 piece, cut 50cmx160cm (half meter)
Material: 100% cotton. dense and soft. fine print.
These are pre-cut pieces, if order 2 pieces or more, it is not continuous.
Order 4 pieces, cut 200cmx160cm ( two meters)
Follow to Get Gift
home decoration sewing and so on
Please remember to leave message “i follow” when placing order, so the gift can be sent to you.
2) slight color difference may exist due to lights, camera and different display settings.
3) when total amount is below 5 USD, send by UNTRACKABLE air mail.
"Please follow my store. So that you will get 1 meter handmade cotton ribbon as gift. One ID can get 1 gift. " --Teramila Team on October 1, 2017
Product Name: cotton fabric piece.
And so on...

  • Описание
  • Отзывы
  • Цвет: 5x50, 20x25, 32x32, 25x45, 45x45, 40x50, 25x160, 50x160, 20x50, 50x50, 50x100, 100x100
  • Техника: Плетеная ткань
  • Ширина: 160cm
  • suitable for: patchwork, bedding set, quilting,clothing,scrapbooking, dolls,crafts
  • Материал: 100% Хлопок
  • Бренд: TERAMILA
  • Please note: when total amount below 2 USD ,CAN'T send. Please increase or cancel
  • Трикотажное изделие: no
  • Форма: Саржа
  • Тип продукта: Другая ткань

  • Размер посылки: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
  • Единица измерения: шт.